• Take a step to Kite

    with the help and guidance of our professional teachers


If you are a complete beginner with absolutely no experience we suggest a 5 days course taking 2.5 hours a day. It includes kitesurfing theory and safety, gear familiarization, kite launching techniques, kite control, body dragging, water start and more. You will be in a group of 4-6 students per instructor.


For those, who already have a bit of experience, but haven’t been practicing for a while, no need to start all over again, we will get you back to the level that you stopped at or even further.


Are you a complete kitesurfing addict and you want to get to the next level of kitesurfing? Be part of our kitesurfing lessons and learn the trick that you always wanted to learn. In a group of four to six students you will learn how to jibe, jump, go unhooked or how to kite loop. You decide which trick you want to learn!